Ignition OPC-UA Server Pricing
Price: $0
Are you serious?!?
Yes, Ignition OPC-UA is 100% free for end-users and integrators. It does have to be activated to unlock the trial mode, but CD keys are free and can be generated here.
Ok... but I have to pay for the drivers, right?
No- the drivers are included as well. It's really free.
Is this a limited-time offer? Will I need to pay later?
No and no. This is not a limited time offer- it follows the exact same policies as our other products, as outlined in the pricing & support policy. That means minor version updates will also be free.
Can I get more than one?
Yes, feel free to install and activate as many copies as you need. Removing restrictions is what we're all about.
What about support?
As always, online forum based support is free. Phone support is offered for customers with a valid support contract - see pricing for information.
Is there any fine print?
Yes, free software conditions: Activation keys for Ignition OPC-UA and Vision Panel Edition are offered at no cost to registered users for qualified uses, and are subject to the same conditions and policies as other Inductive Automation software licenses. "Qualified Uses" excludes oem/bulk installations, aggregation or incorporation into a secondary product, and other situations in which the software is not used directly by the registered user, or a member of the IA integrator program on behalf of a qualified user.
When it comes to MES data platforms, if it can’t be done in Ignition then it is probably not worth doing...."
Mark Daugherty
Overbridge Technology
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