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Integrator Program Details

The following describes the revised I.A. integrator program starting in 2010 to coincide with the Ignition release. The goal of the new integrator program is to provide a clear path to success for new integrators. To achieve this goal, the integrator program has been restructured to incentivize training in order to help guide new integrators into the expertise needed for their first sale.
This policy is effective as of July 27, 2012. Inductive Automation reserves the right to alter this policy at any time.

Program Philosophy

The Inductive Automation Integrator Program has been at the core of our business strategy since our inception in 2003. We understand that our success is largely dependent upon the success of our integrators. To that end, our integrator program is designed to make each of our integrators as successful as possible.
Here are some of the benefits that an Inductive Automation systems integrator enjoys:
Free support. We don't charge our integrators for technical support. There are no annual or per incident support fees. Why should you pay for support when you are promoting and selling our software? You support your customers, we support you.
Customer leads. As an Inductive Automation Integrator you are eligible to be listed on our website. When end-users come to us, we often pair them up with Level 4 Premier Integrators.
No up-front costs. Implementing a system using Inductive Automation's software doesn't cost anything up front. All of our software runs fully featured in the 2-hour trial mode. The free Designer never times out, allowing you to develop an entire project without spending a cent.
No obligations. We do not require you to offer our software first or exclusively. You are the integrator, we encourage you to make the best software recommendations for your customer's project.
Marketing support. The sales process is a collaborative effort. We do everything in our power to help you land projects, whether it's free marketing materials, a joint demo, or our popular monthly Integrator Roundtable.

Program Details

Our integrator program is free to join for any qualified systems integrator. There are four levels in the integrator program, each conferring greater benefits. In order to advance through the program, each integrator must demonstrate competency and enthusiasm for the software. The intent of these levels is to encourage integrators to seek out the training and experience required to become experts in our software.

Level One - Registered Integrator

This level includes integrators who have been signed up for our integrator program but have not yet attained any certification. They are approved to sell our software, and will receive a discount on all software purchases. They may place a minimal, phone book style listing on our site as an authorized Inductive Automation integrator.

Level Two - Certified Integrator

To qualify as a Level Two integrator there must be at least one engineer on staff who has passed the Inductive Automation Core Certification test. Level Two integrators qualify for the full integrator discount. Level Two integrators will get a stronger presence on our website, including a brief bio and link to their website.
Certification Process
Our Ignition Core Certification test is administered online. You must first earn the Ignition credential through the Inductive University website before requesting the Core Certification test. The basic training required to pass the test, such as Inductive University and other online training videos, user manual, and live training seminars, are provided free for integrators. Also, we highly recommend attending our 5-Day Ignition Core training class before taking the test. Periodically, we also offer live, in-person training courses.

Level Three - Gold Level Certified Integrator

To qualify as a Level Three integrator there must be at least one engineer on staff who has passed the Inductive Automation Gold Level Certification test. Level Three integrators receive all of the benefits from Level Two with additional perks: customer referrals to your company, more prominent listing on the website (above Certified Integrators), and increased customer confidence in your ability to implement Ignition.
Certification Process
Our Ignition Gold Level Certification test is administered online. The Ignition Core Certification test is a prerequisite. We highly recommend attending our 3-Day Ignition Advanced training class before taking the test.

Level Four - Premier Integrator

This is an integrator who has one or more certified engineers on their team. They have become experienced by implementing the software in successful projects. They are likely to be active on the Forum and are actively selling our software.
Level Four integrators will be eligible to participate in co-marketing efforts with Inductive Automation. They will have a prominently highlighted entry on our website with a landing page posting case studies and testimonials. They, of course, continue to receive the full integrator discount.
A high level of involvement needs to be maintained to continue to retain the Premier Integrator status.
Already an Integrator? Information for existing integrators.
Integrators who joined before 2010 will be grandfathered into the new program as follows: If you have ever completed a project, you will start at Level Two. You will have a 12-month grace period to become certified. Integrators who have never completed a project will start at Level One.
You can sign up for our unparalleled integrator program by clicking here.