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Paul Scott

Training Content Manager / Inductive Automation
Paul Scott joined Inductive Automation in 2013, with previous experience in application development and training. He has held various roles, ranging from technical support to leading Ignition training classes. In his current role, he works with various teams on documentation, development, and release coordination for Ignition.
Ignition 8.1.5: New Security Features, Perspective Improvements, and Tab Browser Updates Paul Scott Wed, 04/28/2021 - 11:18
Descending from Update Mountain, Ignition 8.1.5 brings you a packed train of features and updates that continues to make Ignition better. This train in particular brings goodies forged in collaboration with you, the users. In 8.1.5, we have added security features to expression objects, SAML provider updates, several Perspective updates and continental improvement to the Tag Browser. Read further to learn about these great user-requested features and updates.
Ignition 8.1.4: Perspective Embedded Parameters, Workstation On-Screen Keyboard, EAM Inherited Resources & More Paul Scott Thu, 04/01/2021 - 13:01
Have your tickets at the ready! Ignition 8.1.4 is pulling into the station, loaded with new updates to keep making your Ignition experience better and better. This release train delivers a lot of exciting changes, but I only have time to call out a handful. Those changes include an easier way to set parameters when embedding views, an enhanced Send Project task, as well as new features for Perspective Workstation’s on-screen keyboard and Perspective’s Alarm Status Table. Let’s get started!