MES Module Settings

The OEE Downtime and Scheduling module stores data in a SQL database. Because Ignition can be configured to multiple databases, the MES Module Settings configuration page is used to select which databases to store OEE, downtime and scheduling data. If only one database has been configured in Ignition, then it will be selected by default.

To change the MES module settings, go to the configuration section in the gateway and select the MES Modules> Settings section from the left-hand side configuration menu.

Once a database connection is created, and if only one database connection exists, then it will be automatically selected to be used by the MES modules.

If more than one database connection exists, then the desired database connection can be selected to be used by the MES modules as shown below.

Module Settings

If the OEE Demo has already been installed, then there will be a note stating so. If a database connection has not been installed, a note will appear stating a database connection is needed before installing the demo.

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