Demo Installation

The OEEDemo project can be used to quickly evaluate or start using the features of the OEE Downtime and Scheduling module.

By installing the OEEDemo, SQLTags will be imported, the Production Simulator will be installed, the demo Ignition project will be installed and sample database data will be added. To remove the demo, each of these components will have to be manually removed.

To install the OEE Demo project, go to the configuration section in the gateway and select the MES Modules> Demo section from the left-hand side configuration menu. Next, click on theInstallation Demo Linklink. This will take a few seconds while it is installing and making all of the configuration changes to run the OEE Demo.

Install OEE Demo

If the OEE Demo has already been installed, then there will be a note stating so. If a database connection has not been installed, a note will appear stating a database connection is needed before installing the demo.