To install the OEE Downtime and Scheduling module on to an existing Ignition server, follow the steps below:

Before installing the OEE Downtime and Scheduling module, it is recommended to first setup the database connection that will be used to store OEE, downtime and scheduling data.

Download the OEEDT Installer.modl module from the Inductive Automation download website. It will be under the MES modules heading.

Navigate to the Modules page of the Ignition gateway. At the bottom of the list of already installed modules, click theMES Install Linklink. Next, browse to the OEEDT Installer.modl file and click the install button as shown below.

MES Install Module

The OEEDT Installer module will install all required modules. These are the Production, OEE Downtime and Scheduling modules. It is important to keep in mind not to install or update these module individually. Instead, it should be done by updating the OEEDT Installer module.

Configure Database Connection >