"I could talk about how great it is all day! I've been pleasantly surprised on how flexible, easy, and powerful your software is. I feel like I could build a custom system however the customer wanted with ease. It's pretty amazing!"
Information Systems Manager
McDougall & Sons Inc.
"The licensing model has been really helpful for us. It allows us to not have to justify a seat license every time we want to put it somewhere."
Electrical and Controls Engineer
Hampton Lumber Mills
"I am able to view real time production runs, troubleshoot problems, make process and program changes at all seven of my production facilities without leaving my office. Information is key; this is by far the best data acquisition and communication software I've ever seen."
Regional Engineering Manager
Sierra Spring Water Co.
"I've yet to find anything that the system can't do. The program is easily expanded or modified to meet our needs."
Maintenance Manager
Foster's Wine Estates Americas
"I can't say enough good things about Inductive Automation - you have great products that are super flexible! Having the ability to make huge changes to the system that are immediately available to the end user with very little effort - is incredible."
Information Systems Manager
McDougall & Sons Inc.
"One of the big advantages with your product is that I can easily make changes on a system that's 2 1/2 hours away. I can't drive to each site to upgrade software all the time. The web distribution has really made that a non-issue."
Information Systems Manager
McDougall & Sons Inc.
"I am so excited right now it is hard to explain. I really have to say, this is the coolest HMI (for lack of a better term) package I have used."
Industrial Control Integration
I would recommend the software on the technical support alone.  The fact that it is also the most cost effective package available is just frosting.
"It makes me a better manager. Efficiencies have improved upwards of 30%, productivity targets are hit everyday, and I can be more responsive to the business and to my managers."
Bronco Wine Company
"When software is created based on working directly with the database, which is what Inductive Automation has done ... you get a longer life span for the system. The life span goes to 10-13 years. Obsolescence and cost prohibitive upgrade cycles then are not a problem."
Henry Palechek
Information and Process Control Systems Supervisor
Southern California Water District
The service we’ve received from your support staff has been outstanding in competence and quality. Ignition is an amazing product, but what hits it out of the ball park is the high standard of the staff that stand behind that product.
Stephen Rothlisberger
TCA Technologies, Inc.
Our Ignition project went into full production on Friday. Our customer was present in full force, from the top brass down. Everything worked flawlessly and looked amazing. Smiles all around.
Stephen Rothlisberger
TCA Technologies, Inc.
Thank you! The Ignition platform and what you have built is visionary. There is nothing we have come across that it cannot do, seriously. The quality of the product, the design features and consideration that has gone into its design impress Justin and I every time we use it.
Jason Coope
National Director of Research & Development
Schnitzer Steel
Every day I drive home smiling and thankful that I didn’t go with the ‘other guys’!
Jason Coope
National Director of Research & Development
Schnitzer Steel
I am convinced that we have selected the best SCADA software of any on the market today. It takes two things that are inseparable, good software and good support. In my opinion, Inductive Automation has the best of both.
John Richards
SCADA Programmer
J-W Energy Company
When it comes to MES data platforms, if it can’t be done in Ignition then it is probably not worth doing.
Mark Daugherty
Overbridge Technology
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