Solutions for End-Users
When customers ask if they can set up a particular functionality with Ignition, they'll most likely hear, "yes, you can do that." Our customers are amazed with everything one piece of software can do. We encourage you to explain what you'd like to get accomplished, and we'll show you how Ignition can get the job done.
Ignition will easily please everyone on your team, especially your IT department. Ignition is always well accepted by IT departments. Tired of hearing how new software won't work on your control system? Your IT department will rejoice that Ignition is based on standard office technology-because they work with Java, databases, Python, etc. every day. Ignition systems can be easily maintained by IT staff, and you'll get more projects approved quickly.
Call us today and tell what you'd like to do, and we'll help you find the solution.
Thank you! The Ignition platform and what you have built is visionary. There is nothing we have come acro..."
Jason Coope
National Director of Research & Development
Schnitzer Steel
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