End-User Highlight: Helix Water District
09/07/2007 - This month we interviewed Henry Palechek, an Engineer of Helix Water District, about his experience with Inductive Automation software.

Located in La Mesa California, Helix Water District is a progressive industry leader, providing high quality water, through an efficient and reliable system. Their innovative and dedicated employees and Board members maximize human and technological resources, providing superior service to their customers.

IA: What do you use Inductive Automation software for in your company or facility?

Henry Palechek: There is a requirement under the EPA's Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) that process data be stored every 15 minutes. In the past this was done using the existing SCADA system. The SCADA system used an SQL connect and insert script to do this. It was a complex function and not robust as it should have been. About 18 months ago we changed to an OPC to OBDC data logging product. The product was robust and difficult to maintain. We decided to look for a more user friendly, intuitive product.

IA: Why did you choose Inductive Automation software?

Henry Palechek: We evaluated all of the leading OPC to OBDC product on the market and found that I.A. was clearly the easiest to setup and use. For example, the evaluation CD not only comes with the I.A. software but includes a demo copy of Kepware and an open source SQL database.

IA: What features have you found most useful to your specific process?

Henry Palechek: It only took a few minutes to setup the software. The software had the ability to view the Kepware OPC tags. It was simple as drag and drop.

IA: How do you plan on using IA software in the future?

Henry Palechek: I think it is important for water utilities to use systems that use current technologies, such as SQL and web servers. Our existing SCADA software will have to be replaced in the future. It seems logical to me that anyone facing an upgrade of their SCADA system would evaluate if the I.A. product will work for them.