FactoryPMI™ Reporting Plugin Version 1.1 Released by Inductive Automation
PDF documentation viewer, more powerful reporting graph options make the popular Reporting Plugin even better.
04/04/2007 - Inductive Automation announces the release of the FactoryPMI™ Reporting Plugin version 1.1. Major improvements include the addition of new components for: in-window documentation viewing, barcode generation in reports, and line graph generation in reports.

Documentation Viewing
Do you have maintenance manuals or process schematics lying around, maybe in a binder? Ever wish you could just click on the symbol in your HMI for your machines and view the maintenance manual on the screen? Now you can, with the Reporting Plugin’s new PDF Viewing component. It allows you to view PDF documents right inside your FactoryPMI windows. No more hunting for the manual – always have it at your fingertips!

Line Graphs, Barcodes in your Reports
FactoryPMI™ Reporting Plugin version 1.1 also includes two new components for use in the report designer: a Line Graph component and a Barcode component. The line graph, which is also an area graph or a scatter graph, can display Time-Y or X-Y series data right inside your reports. The Barcode component can encode barcodes in any of 12 different encodings. Now you can easily design reports that generate labels or forms with your own barcodes on them.

FactoryPMI™ Reporting Plugin version 1.1 is available immediately and completely backwards compatible. Download it as part of our Unified Installer at

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