FactoryPMI Reporting Plugin Released
The much-anticipated FactoryPMI Reporting plugin has been released. Easily create high-quality PDF and printed reports from within your SCADA system.
10/05/2006 - The much-anticipated FactoryPMI Reporting plugin has been released. Unlike competing reporting products, which are separate from the HMI/SCADA system, our reporting plugin is tightly integrated with FactoryPMI. This means you can easily create high-quality PDF and printed reports, right within your web-launched HMI!

Our report designer is an drag-and-drop designer that makes it a snap to make beautiful reports, and has the power and flexibility to make the most complicated reports.

In addition to the reporting component, this plugin has an innovative data browsing component that makes it easy and convenient to browse through large amounts of historical data. This allows the user to generate reports for specific time values, shifts, lines, etc, simply by browsing the data tree. As an added bonus, these data browsing components work seamlessly with the built-in FactoryPMI components, like graphs and tables, allowing for more intuitive historical views all across your web-launched SCADA system.

Download the Reporting Plugin today, and enjoy a 2-hours at a time free demo to fully evaluate the plugin. Or, sign up for a live, no-obligation web demo and we'll show you how it works, and answer any questions you have.