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Upcoming Release to Include WIP and Genealogy Features
Eight Companies Awarded for SCADA and MES Achievements
Features More Reliable Network Connection, Java 7 Compatibility, and More
Ignition v7.5 Supported Through June 14, 2017
New Version Offers Industry-Leading Alarming Capabilities
Connect To Siemens S7-300, S7-400, and S7-1200 PLCs
Ignition OEE Downtime Module Released
Users Choose Server For Its Capabilities
Ignition Mobile Module Added To Software Product Suite
Free Software Development Kit Available for Ignition by Inductive Automation
Helix Water District and Sierra Nevada Brewery Featured in Industry Magazines
By Steve Hechtman, President, Inductive Automation
We have just released FactoryPMI 3.3.2 build 2754, FactorySQL 4.2.10 build 1232 and Reporting Plugin 1.1.17
Opinion piece by Steve Hechtman featured on Control Engineering
Steve Hechtman, President, Inductive Automation
FactoryPMITM 3.3 adds a number of new components including an editable table, tab strip, and a new chart component.
A growing number of customers are discovering that their FactoryPMI HMI/SCADA system is a capable platform for replacing existing networked Microsoft Access applications, and with better licensing, deployment, and security options.
Want a personal demonstration of FactoryPMI and FactorySQL? Check us out at ISA Expo 2008.
Versions 4.2.6 and 3.2.4 respectively offer a variety of fixes and enhancements, along with a few new features
New minor updates have been released for both FactorySQL and FactoryPMI, providing a variety of new features and improvements
The Sound Player component and the Scriptable Canvas component
Inductive Automation is proud to announce that as of version 3.1.5, FactoryPMI supports running on Linux/Unix operating systems. This groundbreaking change will be welcomed by many of our customers, especially international customers, who are running Linux on the plant floor. Inductive Automation is committed to a long-term approach of providing platform-independent industrial automation software.
FactoryPMITM's Retargeting feature is one of its most powerful, and least understood features. This article aims to shed some light on this remarkably easy to use feature and expose it to our newer users who may not have heard of it yet.
FactoryPMITM 3.1 can now natively make use of industry standard SSL security to create the most secure SCADA system available. In addition FactoryPMI 3.1 and FactorySQL 4.1 are packed with a number of small feature upgrades and stability enhancements, making them a recommended upgrade for all users.
A roundup of the 2007 ISA Expo, and 5 frequently asked questions from the show.
Inductive Automation is proud to announce the release of FactoryPMI™ 3.0 and FactorySQL™ 4.0, introducing its much-anticipated SQLTags™ technology. With SQLTags, rapid development of web-launched SCADA systems has never been easier or more accessible.
The much-anticipated FactoryPMI 2.2 has been released. Simple multi-state component styles, easier Active Directory authentication, and component animation are but some of the exciting new features in this release.
Inductive Automation attends 2007 North American OPC Interop Conference, receives 'Self-Tested' certification.
FactoryPMI™ Designer usability improvements make for better experience on laptops
This month Inductive Automation is proud to release version 3.1 of FactorySQL™, and to introduce the new IA TotalCare™ support system.
PDF documentation viewer, more powerful reporting graph options make the popular Reporting Plugin even better.
'Clustering' feature provides redundancy and load balancing for a highly available web-launched SCADA solution.
Independent review of FactoryPMI by Manufacturing Automation Magazine.
Inductive Automation formally unveiled a new logo and launched a new website.
FactorySQL 2.3 offers improved project organization, easier alarm management, and much more.
Inductive Automation's booth at ISA Expo 2006 was a smash hit! Missed us at the show? Sign up for a web demo today!
The much-anticipated FactoryPMI Reporting plugin has been released. Easily create high-quality PDF and printed reports from within your SCADA system.
FactoryPMI version 1.8 adds exciting new features, most notably the ability to seamlessly retarget a client between projects, even between servers!
FactoryPMI 1.7.0 adds many exciting new features, such as concurrent development support, hot-update for running clients, revamped project browser, and more!
A critical error was discovered in the 2.2 line. All users should upgrade to 2.2.4 or newer.
There is an important issue regarding the FactoryPMI 1.6.1 full installer.
FactoryPMI 1.6.1 resolves a few bugs that were introduced in version 1.6.0. All users of 1.6.0 should upgrade to 1.6.1.
FactoryPMI 1.6.0 has been released. A new plugin architecture is the main highlight, but there are also a host of other small features, tweaks, and changes.
FactorySQL 2.2 has been released, offering increased compatibility and enhance reliability.
Inductive Automation's forum system has been revamped. Check it out, and find a great place to search for common questions or to post a question of your own.
Inductive Automation releases FactoryPMI 1.5.1 Additions include a streaming video viewing component and a built-in high performance SQL Server database driver.
FactorySQL 2.1 Released
Inductive Automation releases FactoryPMI version 1.5.0, adding an extensive industrial graphics library for no extra cost.
FactoryPMI version 1.4.0 has been released, adding easy layout control for screen-resolution independent windows.
FactorySQL version 2.0.5 has been released, and is rated as a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED update for current users.
FactorySQL version 2.0 released with more features.
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