SPC Signal Evaluation
Automatic Alerts for Out-of-Control Conditions
Quick Automatic Signal Evaluation
To ensure quality, it’s important to keep processes within acceptable control limits. This is done by identifying out-of-control variations as soon as possible without human intervention.

Every time a sample is taken, the Ignition SPC Module evaluates out-of-control conditions and automatically alerts you if they are present. With Ignition SPC, find out-of-control variations quickly and resolve them before they become a bigger problem.
Out-of-Control Alerting
The system alerts you automatically whenever an out-of-control condition or bogus sample data has been detected. Alerts are easy to customize so you can have Ignition SPC send out an email or SMS notification, flash a screen indicator, stop production, or do a number of other alert methods.
Control Limits
The Ignition SPC Module has typical built-in control limit calculations. These typical control limits can be modified or added to simply by editing, copying or creating new ones.
To get you up to speed faster, the SPC Module is provided with standard signals. But when the production environment calls for something more, you can edit, copy or create your own signals.
Automatic Sample Scheduling
Automatic Signal Evaluation
Powerful SPC Control Charts
Easy Automatic Data Collection
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Unparalleled Collaboration
Supported Operating Systems
Windows Server 2003/2008
Windows XP, Vista, 7
Ubuntu Linux 8.04 or later
Other Java SE 6+ enabled OSes*
*Ignition is compatible with any Java 6+ enabled operating system. Full support is only offered for listed operating systems.
Java SE 6+ (server)
Java SE 6+ (client)
Dual-Core Processor (32 or 64 bit)
10GB free HD space
(requirements vary by usage)
Supported Databases
Microsoft® SQL Server