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The spirit of discovery is alive and well at the Ignition Community Conference, where thought leaders and innovators from around the globe gather to discover the future of automation software.

See the potential that had been hidden until now. Learn to use Ignition in ways you've never thought of before. Feel the excitement of finding something new. With the world of possibilities the Ignition platform provides, you don't just use it — you explore it. Let's explore it together at the 2014 Ignition Community Conference.

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“I've never been in a room with this many like-minded people. ”
- Chris McLaughlin
Trimax Systems

The Ignition community is the fastest-growing group of industrial automation professionals in the world. Among its ranks are thought leaders from some of the world's largest and most successful organizations, representing virtually every industry. They are brought together by a common passion to share ideas and discover new ways to increase efficiency and productivity using Ignition.

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new knowledge
“I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to know more about Ignition, come to this conference.”
- Muthiah Radhakrishnan
HydroScientific West

The depth of knowledge and experience from the experts at Inductive Automation and in the Ignition community is astounding. You'll be amazed by all that there is to learn at the conference. Session content will include Ignition best practices, open-forum discussions, and announcements about Ignition's future direction. This is the one place where you can learn from those who develop Ignition and those who use it every day.

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new possibilities
“We learned a lot of better ways to use Ignition and plan to implement these ideas in our new projects.”
- David Lewis
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

An exciting addition to this year's Ignition Community Conference is The Discover Gallery, which will showcase the exceptional Ignition project work being done by Ignition community members. There has never been a better opportunity to explore the many ways Ignition can be successfully applied in so many different industries, all in one place. This is an opportunity to have your project seen by other Ignition community members in person.

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“It's software like Ignition that will enable us to not only maintain what we've got, but to grow into the future.”
- Ted Krevis

Ignition by Inductive Automation isn't constrained by the old definition of SCADA software. Ignition was born out of the idea that there simply had to be a better way to use modern technology to improve upon the shortcomings of old SCADA. Every aspect of Ignition has been carefully considered through fresh eyes and thoughtfully designed to create a new user experience by reducing frustration, speeding development and increasing efficiency. Ignition aspires to set a new standard, to shake off the constraints and low expectations of old SCADA, and boldly define The New SCADA of the future.

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FOLSOM, CA | SEPT. 22–24